Years of experience, making your products stand out...

Originally founded in Hull, Humber Print & Packaging has been assisting businesses UK wide for over four decades and is renowned for its product variety, knowledge and competitive pricing.

Our expertise and knowledge in producing high quality work from design and print to delivery of finished labels and packaging has led us to not only produce work, but to forge lasting relationships with some leading brands across the UK. In addition to this we also supply packaging and labelling to many independent and artisan suppliers of foodstuffs, drinks and household produce, both throughout the UK and internationally.

Our  commitment is at the centre of our business. Long before ink is put on paper, we make it our business to understand your business to ensure the best materials and print processes are selected for maximum on-shelf product appeal.

Clients Needs

We want to know what you want. Do you need better quality, more impact or reduced cost?


Good Listening

By listening carefully and understanding every aspect of your project and business objectives, we strive to meet and exceed those targets. Our aim is always to provide a solution that grows your business both financially and technically giving you an edge over the competition.


Great Communication

At every stage of the process from concept to completion we communicate and keep you informed which means you are in control.

Providing correct and realistic information means realistic results and success.


Constant Improvement

We believe our growth can only come through your growth and to that we approach your project with the same passion, enthusiasm, integrity and honesty we apply to our own business growth. We see ourselves as your indispensible Partner.


We would love to chat and explore how we can assist, even if it's just to offer some advice or help with an ongoing project. We are here to support your business, call our team today on 01756 748 404.

As a team we understand the meaning of quality and customer service. We welcome any project, no matter how challenging we will always find you a solution!