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February newsletter

Welcome to our February newsletter
This newsletter is about GHS Chemical SolutionsToxic2
Chemical labelling requirements are changing! Label proofing can be expensive, time-consuming & complicated. Humber Print recognizes the importance of combining label print with qualified proof reading by a Regulatory Chemist. In collaboration with Chemi-Compliance we now offer a complete proofing service for the following markets, and respective regulations.
Pesticide Adjuvants
Registered Biocides & PesticidesGHS_image
Industrial Chemicals
Household Chemicals

For compliance on label text, hazard pictogram, size & operator precaution. Humber Print gives solutions for the transition between CHIP and CLP & compliance to other regulations to ensure all legal requirements are met.

The cost of change does not have to be expensive, let us help with your critical changes. Contact us to discuss how we can make GHS easy & cost effective.