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Stand out from the crowd


The constant introduction of new products, innovations in technology and new brands popping up all the time means the personal care sector has never been more competitive.

Some brands try all manner of ways to attract the consumer, from unique packaging shapes, eye-catching colours to endless amounts of customer research. But what really makes us decide to buy a product?

Many personal and home care products are impulse purchases (kudos if you got the pun), so do we really take packaging and labelling into account when making a decision? Of course we do! The research shows we’re attracted to things that look nice, good looking brands that stand out from the crowd.

In the personal care industry quality is everything. So your packaging is almost as important as the product it contains – in some cases it could be the difference between someone picking up your new product and giving it a go, or walking straight past it and picking up ‘old faithful’ (a competitor’s product).

Increasingly however, the purchase decision is made at the point of purchase. This means that if someone has a favourite product – all is not lost. The visual impact of the product on the shelf remains an important differentiator.

Not sure how to stand out from the crowd? Feel like you can’t compete with the big name brands?

At Humber Print & Packaging, we not only understand branding, we also have decades of experience in providing high quality bespoke labels and point of sale items.

Need help with your product labels? Get in touch and find out how we could help you project your brand more effectively.