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Do you comply with the new chemical labelling laws?


If you work in the production of chemicals, the likelihood is that you are already familiar with the current CHIP hazard symbols that appear on most chemical labels. Well, these symbols have changed.

The symbols are there so we know what chemical it is we’re handling, as well as giving us an indication as to whether they are an irritant, toxic, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, oxidising or dangerous to the environment. Simply put, their purpose is to keep us safe!

Some of these old symbols are to be replaced by new ones because the law on chemical classification and labelling has recently changed. The new symbols, known as pictograms, feature similar images but are a slightly different shape and colour (see the table below).



Whilst most of the symbols are being replaced, there are also a few unfamiliar additions to the line-up. These include a pictogram reflecting serious longer term hazards e.g. respiratory sensitisation and carcinogenicity and one indicating gas under pressure.

The changes mean that manufacturers and stockists will have to comply with these new regulations, meaning label artwork needs to be amended.

All companies need to have these new symbols on their products by 1st June 2015. 

If you need to make sure your products comply with the changes in chemical classification and labelling laws, talk to the experts.