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Ensure your labels are on brand with Humber Print



In today’s competitive market, it’s very unlikely that you will have a product that is entirely unique. It may have something special about it, a USP if you will, but is it as original as you’d like to think it is?

We’ve all stood in front of a supermarket shelf, several almost identical products starting at us, whilst we debate which one to opt for. It’s not an easy task, is it?

If the price is the same, and they both claim to do the same thing, which do you choose? This is where branding comes into play – sometimes even earlier if the consumer is a loyal customer.

Brands like Coca Cola, Kellogg’s and Walker’s all have extremely recognisable branding and their packaging and labels reflect this. These brands know that getting their labelling right is imperative; retaining their strong brand image is of the utmost importance.

Don’t get me wrong, brands such as these don’t scrimp on cost when it comes to packaging and labelling, but this doesn’t mean that as a smaller business you can’t still benefit from ensuring your labelling works alongside your product and branding.

As brand guardians, Humber Print not only understands branding but we also realise the importance of maintaining brand consistency across your company’s collateral, packaging and POS.

We learn about your business and its objectives before working alongside you to ensure you get the right labels for your operation. So, whether you’re looking to launch a new product or simply revamp your old labels, Humber Print has the solution.

If you need help with product labels or packaging, or simply want to know how we could help you project your brand more effectively, why not get in touch