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November 1 newsletter

Welcome to our November newsletter    
Seasonal Adjustment Disorder! 
Up to 80% off origination on brand new orders & free chocolate to ease S.A.D
Over 15% of the uk population suffer from some form of seasonal adjustment disorder. This can have a massive effect on people’s moods and can have a dramatic effect on their purchasing of labels.
Humber Print are no exception to S.A.D, the dark nights and cold wintry mornings have affected us too, but in a good way!! Any new enquiry for labels made before Christmas we will offer up to 80% discount off origination charges. The offer is open to both new and existing clients & is available on any new order.

To find out more & to get a quote please respond to us with your requirements quoting ‘S.A.D011111’ and we will send you a festive chocolate bar to help reline your circadian rhythm.