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At Humber Print and Packaging we are already very much in the Christmas spirit!

So much so, we would like to offer you a very exciting promotion; for a limited time you will receive a free 7" tablet with the purchase of any of the printers below. The best thing is there is no limit on the amount you can order. So order three new printers and get three tablets! Pretty good, eh?

This amazing promotion will only run until Christmas, call it a present from everyone at Humber Print! So don't wait, get your orders in now and you'll be the proud owners of one (or more) of these beautiful tablets. 



Christmas is coming, let’s get seasonal!

It’s coming! The clocks have gone back, the days are colder and it’s getting dark at two in the afternoon. Christmas really is just around the corner.

Now you may not be thinking about your Christmas presents just yet (who knows, maybe you’ve got them already) but what about your products? Have you thought about adding a bit of festive cheer to your packaging?


Meeting your need for speed

Over the last two decades, we have spent a lot of time listening to our customers.  We have listened when you are making enquiries and placing orders, and crucially we have listened long after you have received your finished products – when you are in a great position to provide us with truly valuable feedback.

Time and time again we have heard that our fast turnaround service really makes a difference to you.  As such, we have continually honed our approach to incorporate ways of working smarter and even more efficiently, to ensure we complete each individual order as quickly as possible – with absolutely no compromise on quality.


We don’t label you

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At Humber Print and Packaging we're all about individuality and we recognise that not one person, or business for that matter, is the same.

That's why we have developed a way of working that takes this into account, meaning that there is never a 'one size fits all' approach with anything we do.


Are your labels as tasty as your products?

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With around 10,000 new food and drink products introduced into the UK marketplace each year, it’s important your new product gets noticed, or that your existing product doesn’t become outdated, unappealing or lost under the wave of newbies.

And what’s the first thing you see when looking at food in a supermarket? The labels.


Stand out from the crowd


The constant introduction of new products, innovations in technology and new brands popping up all the time means the personal care sector has never been more competitive.

Some brands try all manner of ways to attract the consumer, from unique packaging shapes, eye-catching colours to endless amounts of customer research. But what really makes us decide to buy a product?


Do you comply with the new chemical labelling laws?


If you work in the production of chemicals, the likelihood is that you are already familiar with the current CHIP hazard symbols that appear on most chemical labels. Well, these symbols have changed.


A Service to be Proud of

At Humber Print & Packaging customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and as such we pride ourselves on being much more just another supplier.

Boasting over two decades in the industry, we have refined our service enabling us to offer a much more collaborative customer experience. We also understand branding and learn about your brand so that we can better understand your requirements. That way, you get exactly what you need – every time!


Ensure your labels are on brand with Humber Print



In today’s competitive market, it’s very unlikely that you will have a product that is entirely unique. It may have something special about it, a USP if you will, but is it as original as you’d like to think it is?

We’ve all stood in front of a supermarket shelf, several almost identical products starting at us, whilst we debate which one to opt for. It’s not an easy task, is it?

If the price is the same, and they both claim to do the same thing, which do you choose? This is where branding comes into play – sometimes even earlier if the consumer is a loyal customer.


Printing Capabilities

UV Inks
Waterbased Inks
  • Substrates can be printed up to a maximum width of 306mm.
  • Maximum of 9 colours printed.
  • We can add a varnish in place of one of these colours.
  • Have up to 2 colours on the adhesive or the backing - this would then give you space for 6 colours and a UV varnish
  • Can add a cold foil in place of one of the colours e.g. 7 colours, cold foil and UV varnish
  • A laminate can also be added without the need to lose a colour station e.g.8 colours, cold foil and a laminate.
Sheeter & Overprinter
  • Sheets can be cut up to a maximum width of 330mm.
  • We have the availability to cut sheets to large repeat lengths e.g. metres
  • Substrates can be printed up to a maximum width of 173mm.
  • You can have a maximum of 10 colours printed.
  • We can add a varnish in place of one of these colours.
  • You can have up to 2 colours on the adhesive or the backing - this would then give you space for 7 colours and a UV varnish
  • We can also add a cold foil in place of one of the colours e.g. 8 colours, cold foil and UV varnish
  • A laminate can also be added without the need to lose a colour station e.g. 9 colours, cold foil and a laminate.
Digital Printing
  • Substrates can be printed up to a maximum of 300mm wide
  • No print plate is required.
  • 1200dpi can be achieved.
  • Good colour matching.
  • Wide range of materials.
  • Variable data and sequential numbering can both be printed.
  • A flood varnish can be achieved.
  • A pattern white can also be printed. There is a facility to print a special orange in place of the white.

Tamper Evident Department closure

Tamper Evident Department Closure
Our Tamper Evident label department will be closing for 1 week from the 
20th October 2014 and reopening on Monday 27th October 2014. This is for our annual maintenance and will not affect any current or future orders for this department.
Please check your stock levels on your tamper evident labels and tapes now to avoid disappointment during this time. 
To find out more about the tamper evident solutions Humber Print have available, please contact your account manager today on 01756 748404.

Please Help Fight Youth Homelessness

This year 80,000 young people will experience homelessness
  • 80,000 young people experience homelessness each year, often through no fault of their own.
  • 39% of the homeless population are young people under 18.
  • The average age a teen becomes homeless is 14.7 years old.
  • Teens aged 12 to 17 are more likely to become homeless than adults.
Over 280 young people were helped last year. SASH can find accommodation for a young person facing homelessness with as little as an hours notice. 
Last Year, 1321 night of emergency accommodation in volunteer host homes were offered to homeless young people.
Please Donate
If just 10 people donated £1 each, a young homeless person would be able to stay in education for a day.
To donate by text, send: SASH16 followed by £1, £2, £3, £5, or £10 
to 70070

Prize Draw Deadline Extension

Prize Draw Deadline Extended!
Because we have had such a great response last week we are now extending the deadline for our Prize Draw competition where you could win this hamper filled with retro sweets. If you have yet to place your orders for your new labels and promotional items then make sure you have them in before close of business on 29/8/14 to be in with a chance of winning!
Call us today on 01756 748404 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get a free quote on your printing needs or to place your orders.



Halloween is on the Way!

The countdown to Halloween is now on! 
If you will be running a promotion or holding a special event then the time to order your product labels or promotional items - such as posters and flyers - is now. Ordering now ensures you have plenty of time to prepare your products for promotion giving you more time to enjoy it!
As a special treat for the lead up to Halloween, Humber Print & Packaging are running a spooktacular competition where you could win a retro sweets hamper in time for all your Halloween visitors (or for you to keep for yourself or to share in the office!) 

For every new order you place between 18/08/14 and 26/08/14 you will be entered into our prize draw to win this hamper full of retro sweets that will remind you of days spent in the playground.
This is a limited time only offer so call us today on 01756 748404 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get a free quote on your printing needs!

Blank Labels for all Purposes

Blank labels can be used for all sorts of purposes, whether that be for printing barcodes, prices, despatch information or for printing your product label on to. Humber Print can provide you with these labels at a high quality and competitive prices.
Our blank labels can come on rolls or on sheets to fit your printer with the labels cut to size ready for you to print on.
Blank labels don't have to be white and rectangular, we can flood coat and make your labels to any colour, shape and size you want!
Our blank labels can me made specifically for your needs, whether your printer is a thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser or inkjet. Also available is a range of adhesives to suit whatever purpose your label is for. Get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01756 748404 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more or to get a quote and start saving today!
don't just shop - get rewarded!
Don't forget Humber Print have a fantastic customer loyalty scheme where you could be earning points for every pound you are spending on your labels! Points can be redeemed as money off your next order or in exchange for prizes, such as £50 love to shop voucher, an iPad or even a Playstation 4!
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Custom Printed Tape

Custom Printed Tape
Humber Print can supply all sorts of printed tape, whether that be for sealing packages, tamper evidence or for using as a temporary barrier.
Printed tapes provide a range of benefits for you and your business. Not only is your package sealed, but it becomes tamper evident and you are also advertising and promoting your company brand.
We print the full range of packaging tapes and therefore can supply to all sectors of the market for this product - from high speed automatic packing lines to the smaller hand sealing operations.
To find out more about what we can offer you please call our sales team today on 01756 748404, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or follow the link below to view our website.

Are you running on empty?

running on empty-01
Are You Running on Empty?
We are over half way through the year so now is the time to be checking your label stock levels before you run out! The last thing we want is for you to completely run out of your labels then have to rush to order them. So save yourself the stress of a last minute panic and order them now!
Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are imperative to preparing your stock for sale so order today to ensure you don't run out!

Product Labels
The best way to boost your sales is to have eye catching and high quality labels and packaging.
Marketing Items
We have a wide range of promotional items that can help you boost sales and promote your latest offers.

To place your repeat orders contact your account manager on

01756 748404 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


High Impact Promotional Displays

Raise brand awareness with our range of eye-catching flags!
Flags are a fantastic backdrop to any promotion or event and provide effective, high impact advertising. We can print your own designs, corporate logos or other bespoke images and we also manufacture the support bases for these flags. So if you are in need of printed flags, just the hardware or both, Humber Print & Packaging can meet your needs!
Feather Flags
These flagpoles are a simple addition to your forecourt that can make a big impact on potential customers. They are eye-catching and ideal for attracting attention to your store or event. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Lamp Post Flags
Lamp post flags are ideal for city centres and retail parks, delivering maximum impact within a smaller space. Use these flags to promote seasonal offers, one off events, such as farmers' markets or as a welcome to visitors to your area.
Wall Mounted Flags
Wall mounted flags are a great alternative when ground mounted flags are not possible. They are perfect for promoting your brand on the walls of your store and are sure to catch the attention of your customers.
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Ribbon Department closure

Ribbon Division Temporary Closure
Our ribbon division will be closing for 2 weeks from the 
1st August 2014 and reopening on Monday 18th August 2014. 
Please check your stock levels on your ribbons now to avoid disappointment during this time. 
To find out more about the printer ribbons available and to place your orders, please contact your account manager today on 01756 748404.

New CLP Regulations

Are you Ready for the New CLP Regulations?
CLP Regulation - Classification, Labelling and Packaging - is the new EU legislation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures. This will be replacing the DPD classification system that is in place right now. CLP has been designed to ensure consistent and clear communication throughout the supply chain.
This means you may have to make some very important changes to your labels before 1st June 2015. These changes are directly applicable to suppliers who manufacture, import, use or distribute chemical substances and mixtures.To avoid having to make lots of changes, all at once, now is the time to start incorporating all the changes required for your products. To be sure of what changes are required for your product please use the below link to find out more on the subject from the Health and Safety Executive website.
 If you are ready to start making the necessary changes to your labels please get in touch with our sales team today to get a quote or place your label orders. To contact us please call on 01756 748404 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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referral offer

A referral is the best compliment you can give and to show you how much Humber Print and Packaging appreciates your confidence in us, we are launching a brand new referral scheme!
It is easy to get involved! For every referral from you that results in a new order we will send you a lovely gift basket filled to the brim with tasty goodies.
Once the new referral customer places and receives their order from us we will send out your gift! We will keep track of all referrals given and notify you of each one that converts to an order by email.
There is no limit! You get a gift basket to say thank you for each and every referral you send us that converts to an order. To get in touch with a referral, contact us today on 01756 748404 or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Ribbon Offer


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Special Offer!
We have excess stock available at an amazing discount.
£240 for all 52 or £4.75 each, usually £9.50 each.
50% OFF

Available are 52 premium black Wax/Resin ribbons, outside wound and provides a crisp dark image, even at high speeds.

These are extremely durable ribbons with excellent levels of scratch resistance. These ribbons are outside wound and measure 160mm by 300m. They have a silicon back coating that protects and prolongs the life of the printhead and are compatible with a range of printers. For more information on printer compatibility and prices including delivery, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact us on 01756 748404.

National Baby Day

With around 2000 babies being born in Britain every day, make sure they get the best start possible with Crossgates Health Hair and Beauty based in Gargrave, North Yorkshire.
We know that women who eat a good diet and supplement it with multivitamins and minerals during their pregnancy give birth to healthier babies. Crossgates explore the issues around optimising your diet and nutrient intake while minimising your exposure to harmful substances for maximum fertility and a healthier pregnancy. To find out more about what Crossgates can do for you, or someone you know, please visit their website here.
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October 10th

Out with the old in with the new.





HELLO - Ashleigh Brown ... Humber Print have a new member of the team!! Ashleigh will be taking over the Marketing Department. Ashleigh recently relocated from Kilmarnock in Scotland and recently graduated from the University of Cumbria. She enjoys reading, designing and crafting. Send her an email on marketing@humberprint and introduce yourself!






GOODBYE- Ash Fisher ... Humber Print will be saying Bon Voyage to Ash who has been with us for the last 9 months. Ash is leaving to do a ski season in the French Alps. We wish her the best of luck in her travels.


The Social Side to Humber Print

To keep up to date with all our latest news and offers join us on our social networks!! It’s the best way to keep in touch, keep updated and keep us informed about you and your business!


Facebook join us on facebook or like our page

1. You get up to date information when it happens.
2. We engage in a two way relationship by posting information relevant to the world labels
3. As an alternative, receive all the good content through Facebook when you want it.


Find out the most important, straight to the point things we have to say! Its direct, precise and aimed at you! Also you can follow our conversations or see what discussions we are involved in… great especially if you’re in the world of print!

 Linked in

Connecting to us via linked in helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. You can see what we're up too, the group discussions we join and the latest news and info in the printing world. Also you can see who has recommended us and their comments.

 “Coming soon” YouTube channel

 Soon you will be able to follow us on our YouTube channel to gain up to date videos and information about our company and the industry we work in. We are constantly updating our videos to show our most current products and machinery.


April Newsletter

North Yorkshire ice cream maker David Otterburn has been voted the "Best in Britain"!   

Based in the village of Helmsley on the edge on the North Yorkshire Moors, is Ryeburn of Helmsley, a gorgeous ice-cream parlour! With a patchwork of flavours, from Cookies and Cream to Peach and Brandy or Fruits of the Forest to Gin Lavender and a dozen or so sorbets (milk protein-free), they supply ice cream to numerous retail outlets and top quality hotels throughout Yorkshire. As well as the 48 varieties on offer in the café, there are new ones added all the time and they are even happy to create exclusive concoctions for their customers.ryeburn_logo  

David Otterburn MD has won many accolades including being awarded with the first Prince of Wales Award for outstanding contribution to dairy. His Toffee & Fudge and Cookies & Cream ice cream won gold medals for “Best Ice Cream” in the National Ice Cream Awards and won “Best in Show” and “Best Yorkshire Dairy Product” at the Great Yorkshire Show, topping the rest of the competition with his incredible flavours.  However it was his Nutella flavoured ice cream that was declared the best of the best at the National Ice Cream Competition final in London which was the cherry on top!   

Humber Print & Packaging has been working with David on lables for his many varieties of ice cream  because as we all know Great Labels Sell Award Winning Products!


June newsletter

Amy kellaway


1 in 8 women have breast cancer affect their lives. So if you think about it, that’s someone at work, in your family or in your friend group to be affect by this awful disease.  

 Having just celebrated her 18th birthday Amy Kellaway, despite her own disabilities, has decided in a selfless act to raise money for Breast Cancer, a charity and disease very close to the heart of her family and friends. To do this she is pushing herself to the limits and is taking on - a Skydive!!!! 

This is taking place next week on Friday 15th June 2012. 

 Amy is aiming to raise as much sponsorship as she can for Breakthrough and we would be really grateful if you would sponsor her. Even £1 would be really appreciated.  

You can do this in several ways

 1. Donate on her Just giving page following this link - it's quick and very easy to do.

 2.  Send a cheque made payable to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. You can send it to me at 16 Broughton Rd,Bessacarr,Doncaster DN4 7HF . I'll then pass it on to Amy.

 3. Email me how much you'd like to sponsor her and I'll sort out collection after the skydive with you.


Easter Quiz

Want to Win a fantastic Easter hamper, including some beautiful Meat from Colin M Robinson Family Butchers??

 Then just answer our 20 easy questions to win! The Quiz can be found on the Humber print and Packaging website or in your inbox!

 All you have to do is email the answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Just answer these 20 easy questions!
‎1. HPP produce an extensive range of labels, name 5
2. In 2011 one of our directors did a charity bike ride, name the charity
3. What products did our labels help “sell out!”
4. How would you request a free sample pack from us?
5. What’s the Humber Print strap line?
... 6. What are the 3 ways that you can keep up to date with our latest news and offers
7. Which famous landmark does the HPP logo depict?
8. Which member of our sales team joined us from a background in the travel industry?
9. Apart from self adhesive labels Humber Print also do other products, name 3
10. How do you get your business onto the Humber Print website for free?
11. What famous coffee house have we printed a house blend label for?
12. How can you contact the sales office?
13. What 5 products have we included in the package for Colin Robinson Butchers?
14. Here’s a question, we created a package for Lewis’ Ice Cream, but what yummy Flavour did we do the packaging for?
15. During British Pie Week 2012 which company did we recommend?
16. “Humber Print is a truly professional & experienced knowledgeable company to deal with.” Who wrote this testimonial?
17. How many Double Decker buses does the mound of potatoes grown in Britain equate to?
18. How many members of the Humber Print team are there?
19. When choosing a face material, Humber Print offers a wide range of features to meet your needs ……. Name 4 things?
20. Which award winning butchers did we promote for National Butchers Week?


February newsletter 4

National Chip Week


A quarter of all potatoes grown in Britain are made into chips – that’s the same weight as 125,000 double decker buses!!
There’s no denying it we love our chips, especially when they are coated in American Chip Spice!

Make your chips more than a chip off the old block by coating in American Chip Spice. 

Sprinkle American Chip Spice onto your chips in celebration of National Chip Week.
This spicy condiment originates from Hull. Arguably this is the best thing to come out of Hull since Humber Print! Either way Humber Print and American Chip Spice work hand in hand to ensure top quality products are chips2branded with top quality labels!

“American Chip Spice is perfect over home made chips and amazing when sprinkled on burgers and chicken. Don’t scrimp though – use loads!”

You can buy them in packs of 3,6,9 and 12! Get yours now from order before 3pm for same day dispatch and FREE DELIVERY TO ALL UK!
So no excuses - spice up your life!


February newsletter 3

If your firing up the BBQ, preparing for picnics  or getting thecolin

 family round for an Easter roast there’s only one place to get your delicious meat from this summer and that’s Colin M Robinsons! Located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales Colin and family first launched Rock View Meats in 2006 which produces high quality sheep, cattle and pigs to the highest specification. Their livestock is exclusively bred and reared on the farm and supplies their retail shop in lovely Grassington! Quality assured, their animals enjoy a high care of welfare, spending their whole time on the farm, eating only natural foodstuffs. Slaughtered in Ilkley, processed & sold in Grassington, their animals travel some of the fewest 'food miles' possible - which is good for them and great for you!


visit - www.colinmrobinson.





February newsletter 2

Great labels really help to sell products! 


 Amnesia SOLD OUT shortly after launch. Luckily Birds Brewery remembered to order more labels!



 Bird's Brewery

Saturday night amnesia isn't cleaver unless you are enjoying the new bottled beer from Bird’s Brewery.

Bird’s Brewery have spread their wings into the bottled beer market. The design is stunning and with a clear bottle you get to see the light coloured ale behind the imaginative label design.

Follow Birds Brewery on Facebook to find out about the launch of a new Apocalyptic product.

Become a fan of Humber Print on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Here you will be updated with the latest special offers



February newsletter

This is a genuine offer that we recomend to all our clients! comms provider have provided us with our free ipads, so that was easy.  

 the deal is so simple, sign up for your broadband subscription with stuart and the ipad is yours FREE!   

 That is £200 less than Carphone Warehouse! call Stuart today to set up this fantastic deal!x

 - tell him we told you so, by quoting Hppip001 ..




December newsletter

UntitledWelcome to our 1st December newsletter    
 A Christmas Pudding!


This perfect pud won ‘Highly commended by the Quality Food Awards’. We can’t guarantee you a six pence in your ice-cream but we do recommend you try their festive treat.


November 3 newsletter

Welcome to our 3rd November newsletter    b
Branded products for Christmas

It is not too late to get a special print run done for your product for Christmas.  
You can expect a quick turn around on specially printed Bottle labels, Pump clips, Beer Matts and Bar runners.

November 2 newsletter

Welcome to our 2nd November newsletter    

Early Bird’s catch the worm

Ever had a night out to forget, or have you ever had such a good night you can’t remember the details?
Saturday night amnesia is nothing to be proud of! Unless of course you are enjoying the full flavoured new bottled beer from Bird’s Brewery.

Bird’s Brewery have spread their wings into the bottled beer market. The design is stunning and with a clear bottle you get to see the light coloured ale behind the imaginative label design.


November 1 newsletter

Welcome to our November newsletter    
Seasonal Adjustment Disorder! 
Up to 80% off origination on brand new orders & free chocolate to ease S.A.D
Over 15% of the uk population suffer from some form of seasonal adjustment disorder. This can have a massive effect on people’s moods and can have a dramatic effect on their purchasing of labels.
Humber Print are no exception to S.A.D, the dark nights and cold wintry mornings have affected us too, but in a good way!! Any new enquiry for labels made before Christmas we will offer up to 80% discount off origination charges. The offer is open to both new and existing clients & is available on any new order.


October 2 newsletter

Welcome to our 3rd October newsletter    salsa
SALSA Partners- Not Just A Merry Dance! 
Yorkshire Dales based Blue Pig Company has recently become part of the SALSA food standards scheme. Owner Andrew, our favourite Sausage supplier explained to us that this accreditation is key to his ambitious growth.
The scheme demonstrates that a business operates using a robust and effective food safety standard. S ALSA is widely accepted by large retailers and food service providers. Accreditation will add value to any supplier proposal!


October 1 newsletter

Welcome to our 2nd October newsletter    
King of the Swingers
Swing tickets and tags are the industry standard for displaying product information or special offer pricing.
With the Christmas rush nearly upon us the requirement to get your message across to clients is at a premium. A specially produced swing ticket is an inexpensive way to ensure information is clear.

October newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter       l
The Pleasure Is Giving!

The Hampshire Gift Company is an online shop that specializes in sending treasured gifts direct to that special person in your life.
Maggie the proud owner explained to us that many of the recipients of gifts contacted her to find out more about her services. The recipients then turn into clients, but how could they find out more about the company without having to make a call?


August 3 newsletter

Welcome to our September newsletter       
A great way to promote your brand in Public Houses is to supply the Landlord with some bright bar runners brandishing your message.
Creating a product like this is not exclusive to the big breweries with massive marketing budgets. You can have a small batch of professionally made runners from as little as £2.73 each.

August 2 newsletter

Welcome to our 2nd August newsletter     
Is your business being affected by the dramatic rise in thermal ribbon costs?
If so give us a call with your requirements, all we need is your printer type and model and by return we will give you a competitive price based on your usage.


August newsletter

Welcome to our August newsletter    Untitled
We love referrals!
When we get new clients contacting us because they have heard we do a great job there is no better feeling. We have to thank our clients who have passed on the positive message about our services.


July 3 newsletter

Welcome to our 3rd July newsletter    
This newsletter is about 'Winning With The Olympics'
With 365 days till the opening of the Olympics, there are lots of ways to get involved. It also provides a great opportunity  to market your products
Already our clients are gearing up to sell products related to the games. It’s not only massive corporations, but smaller companies who are releasing products that have an Olympic theme.


July newsletter

Welcome to our July newsletter raf
This newsletter is about the Royal Air Force Wings Appeal Brew Up!  

The Wolf Brewery based in Attleborough, Norfolk has launched a range of beer for the RAF Wings Appeal. The beer is sold throughout the UK on RAF stations and is an important fundraiser for the charity. Battle Of Britain is available on tap and in bottles and comes very highly recommended.

June 2 newsletter

Welcome to our 2nd June newsletterKitty_Vin_Maybock

This newsletter is about clients who get value added.

Blue Ball Brewery approached us for labels for a Beer Launch in November last year. The attractive labels with Gold foil lettering were printed in a small volume using Digital print technology. The stunning art work proved very popular and the Blonde Bombshell has proven to be a customer favourite.

June newsletter

Welcome to our June newsletter
This newsletter is about Windows Of Opportunity!

Window stickers are placed on the inside of the glass to be viewed from the outside. This makes them ideal for use in Shop windows, Car window or on glass doors. Full colour printed stickers ensure high visibility for your promotional requirements .


May 2 newsletter

Welcome to our 2nd May newsletter Beer_Badges

This newsletter is about   Pump Clips & Labels

The best quality bottle labels and bespoke pump clips Pump clips provide fantastic brand awareness. With the availability of fully bespoke hand crafted full colour clips, there is a low cost solution that will suit your desig ns. Provide us with your artwork for a comprehensive quote on your current requirement.


May newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter  Jacqui 

This newsletter is about Jacqui preparing for monster bike ride to enable Scott’s dreams!

Local boy to Humber Print Scott aged 8, was diagnosed 4 years ago with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This debilitating life limiting condition sadly has no cure. To ensure that his future is well funded, and that Scott is able to experience his dreams a charity has been set up to enable him the basics and some light relief from the condition.

April newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter

This newsletter is about Printing Ribbon Supplies

Do you print your own labels?  Humber Print could help. Not only can we supply blank or printed labels we have an ever growing client base for Printer ribbons. Our customers enjoy:
•           Wide range of formulations to suit every need.
•           Competitively priced.
•           High quality ribbons, custom slit/made to order.
•           Next day despatch from receipt of order.
•           52 all resin colours and 32 wax/resin colours
•           Support, advice and extensive product knowledge

March newsletter

Welcome to our March newsletterULTIMATE_NUT
This newsletter is about Health and Nutrition
Health and nutrition has been a popular topic with us this month. Please read on to learn how some of our clients could help put a spring in your step . 
Ultimate Nutrition the book has sold over 3 million copies world wide, the new updated edition is now released and packed with masses of nutrition information. Arther Fairhusrt the books author now runs a successful business providing nutritional supplements under the Ultimate Nutrition brand. As a former runner up in the 1969 Mr Universe competition he demonstrates it really works (Arnold Schwarzenegger came 1st) 

February newsletter

Welcome to our February newsletter
This newsletter is about GHS Chemical SolutionsToxic2
Chemical labelling requirements are changing! Label proofing can be expensive, time-consuming & complicated. Humber Print recognizes the importance of combining label print with qualified proof reading by a Regulatory Chemist. In collaboration with Chemi-Compliance we now offer a complete proofing service for the following markets, and respective regulations.

January newsletter

Welcome to our January newsletterPrintedTape
This newsletter is aboutPackaging Solutions
Printed packaging tape provides a range of benefits from one purchase:
  •  You seal your packaging
  •  Packages are tamper evident
  •  You promote your company with every package
  •  Variety of widths, lengths all printed with your information

November newsletter

Welcome to our November newsletter chalk_clip
This newsletter is about Chalk Board Pump Clips

Fully Bespoke Pump Clips made to any size and shape.
Printed with essential Brewery Information with added chalk board section. Chalk board enables the bar to add information about season or one off ales. The material takes all chalks or chalk pens and can be wiped down to use again and again.


October newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter Children_In_Need

This newsletter is about BBC Children in Need

It’s that time of year when people start to do mad stuff all in aid of Children in Need. There are no limits to what people will do, from laying in a bath tub of beans to climbing the world’s tallest mountains.